Sancties Risico lijst ONDERWERP

Sancties Risico lijst betreffende onderwerpen is bijgewerkt tot:
16 September 2019

SubjectSanctions Remarks
Anti-briberyEU - UK Bribery Act 2010 with extraterritorial reach
Anti-cyber crimeEuropean International Cyberspace Policy
US - Sanctions Related to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities
Anti-money launderingEU - Financial Crime
US - Bank Secrecy Act
US - Patriot Act
Anti-terrorist financing / Counter TerrorismEU - freezelist
EU CFSP sanctions for Terrorists groups (foreign terrorist organisations)- embargo on arms and related materiel
- ban on provision of certain services
- freezing of funds and economic resources
- restrictions on admission
- ban on provision of financial services
- commitment of Member States to afford each other police and judicial co-operation
- exchange of information concerning terrorist offences
- commitment to criminalise wilful provision or collection of funds for terrorist acts
- commitment to freeze funds and economic resources
- commitment to take measures to suppress support to terrorists (targeting recruitment and supply of arms)
- commitment to give early warning and to take other steps to prevent terrorist acts
- commitment to deny safe haven
- commitment to establish participation in financing, planning, preparation and perpetration of terrorist acts, or in supporting terrorist acts, as serious criminal offences
- commitment to prevent movement of terrorists
- commitment to take measures to prevent counterfeiting, forgery or fraudulent use of identity papers and travel documents
- commitment to provide assistance in connection with criminal investigations and proceedings
- commitment to exchange of information to prevent commission of terrorist acts
- commitment to accede to relevant international conventions (listed in annex)
- commitment to prevent abuse of refugee status
US - OFAC SDN list
Arms embargo'sEU - arms embargo
EU - Export Controls on dual use goods
Automotive industry regarding IranUS - OFAC Iran - NDAA, IFCA regarding US sanctions. Please contact us for specific information
Counter NarcoticsEU - freezelist list of sanctions
US - OFAC SDN list
Diamond TradingEU/US - Kimberley Process
GoodsEU - website
US - EAR reach regarding US GOODS. Please contact us for specific information
Non-ProliferationEU - non-proliferation
US - OFAC SDN list
Oil & Gas Industry regarding IranEU - website
US - OFAC Iran - NDAA, IFCA regarding US sanctions. Please contact us for specific information
Foreign Interference in a United States ElectionUS - OFAC USA Election with extraterritorial reach, regulations published by OFAC on April 26, 2019, effective date April 29, 2019.